English Garden Park

You can take a walk in this garden and watch the flower hour which is very beautiful and famous in this place, also you can sit on the wooden benches or green orchards next to the water fountains and have a light meal and watch the wonderful Geneva fountain. You can sit in the English Garden Park restaurant and have a delicious meal while watching Lake and landscape around you. You can rent a boat from places close to the English park and make a tour around the lake. To find out more about the English Garden in Geneva from here

Forest and Lake of Sauvabelin

Forest and Lake of Sauvabelin in Lausanne Switzerland is an artificial lake that was built in 1888 and has a wooden berth that was built in 2003 to a length of approximately 35 meters, which is distinguished by the beautiful view it offers.
Sauvabelin Forest
It is an ideal place for hiking tours and picnics as you will be surrounded by antelopes, deer, goats, peacocks and birds.
The Sauvabelin Forest is above all a forest overlooking Lausanne.
A closer look will reveal that there is also a small romantic lake as well as many goats, ducks, geese and black swans as well.
You can also take your children for a boat ride around the lake.
The only sounds that will break the silence of the region are peacock calls.
If children stay active until the end of the day, you can visit one of the children’s playgrounds in the area.

Lake Sauvabelin
Lake of Sauvabelin is a man-made lake in the Sauvabelin region of Lausanne. It was opened in 1888 and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Switzerland.
It features a 35-meter wooden tower offering panoramic views of Lausanne, Lake Leman and surrounding areas as well as a pet park.
Best activities at Lake Sauvabelin in Lausanne
• Enjoy lake-sitting with the family, snack and ducks, swim in the lake and stroll around the lake and explore the place.
• You can ride the boats and tour the lake with your friends, where there are many boats to rent in the place at reasonable prices.
• Sit in the restaurant on the bank of Lac de Sauvabelin and have a special meal with stunning views of the lake.
• Do not miss the experience of the Sauvabelin Tower, which is close to the lake, offering enchanting views of the lake and the surrounding nature, and you can take some souvenir photos from above.
You can visit the zoo at Lake Sauvapiline in Lausanne, a small zoo with many animals where your children will enjoy watching and feeding.

Geneva fountain in Switzerland Jet d'Eau

Geneva’s fountain in Switzerland Jet d’Eau is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Switzerland. It is 140 meters long and is located in front of the Geneva parks, which is a major part of the city’s landmarks. The fountain is one of the most famous European monuments and the most famous of Switzerland after chocolate, watches, banks and bells were built In 1886 the Fountain was erected at the height of the Statue of Liberty and thus is one of the longest fountains in the world.
Geneva fountain in Switzerland Jet d’Eau
Jet d’Eau dates back to 1886 AD It is strange that it was not intended to create a water fountain for recreation in this place, but it was a technical necessity to allow pressure to be reduced on the water station, but when it was activated drew the attention of visitors to the park and then changed its location to another place more appropriate For its new nature and was provided with a stronger pump where water is now out at 220 km / h.
You can see the Jet d’Eau fountain from a few miles away but it is best to visit nearby and enjoy the spray of water flowing around it, pumping about seven tons of water into the air!!
At some times of the year you can see the fountain pumping water in colors such as pink, blue or red depending on the occasion being celebrated there.
Tourists do not just go to see the fountain but take advantage of the trip in parks, lakes and walks in Geneva’s parks.
In order to see the fountain, you can walk around the lake to see the Jet d’Eau fountain from all sides and enjoy the city. You can start the path by walking from the Quai du Mont Blanc, which runs a 300 m platform and offers you a very close view for the fountain
The Quai du Mont Blanc can be reached on foot from the main railway station in about 15 minutes, then follow Quai du Mont Blanc along the lake until you reach the Pont du Mont Blanc bridge and cross the bridge. Walk along the lake where the Jet d’Eau fountain will be on your left hand while the Jardin Anglais Park on your right hand takes about thirty minutes without adding the time used to come from the train station but the whole trip may take two and a half hours if you decide to explore the gardens The streets surrounding the fountain or take a boat trip there.
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Glacier Walk Switzerland

Most people watch the 14-mile-long Alich River from Jungfrau, which is reached by train ride through a 4.4-mile tunnel from Interlaken.
It is wonderful and exciting, but the best route is actually from the southern side of the glacier, which can be reached via railway stations or highways along the Rhône parallel valley of the glacier.
Walk on the Glacier Rivers
UNESCO World Heritage has built a 27-billion-tonne road of ice, resembling a winding highway through mountains, pine trees and waterfalls.
It is more enjoyable to walk beside it in a tour of more than four hours.
From Betten, take the cable car to Bettmeralp where you slide down the edge of the glacier through the flowers, unique trees and small ponds, and the Gletscherstube, an outdoor mountain hut offering meals. You can take the cable car from Fiescheralp to Rhône to the train station in Fiesch.
When you stay in The historical place Villa Castle (where Winston Churchill once stayed and the cowboys complained) you can stay near the glacier. It is also home to the Conservation Center, which offers tour guides on the surface of the glacier.
Travel Trip in Glacier Walk Switzerland
The two-day guided hiking tour is a highlight of the unique mountain world of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau – Aletsch. This is the glacier Aletsch Glacier, a 23 km long, 80 km² glacier, the longest and largest glacier in Western Europe
From the Jungfraujoch summit, the mountain guide (secured by a wire rope) takes you on the majestic Aletsch Glacier to the Konkordiaplatz (2756 meters above sea level). The mountain cottage in Fieschertal Konkordia Hut is reached via the metal stairs, where you can spend the night.
On the second day, the journey takes place alongside the middle rubble of the giant ice crests, until you leave the road at Märjelensee (Lake Märjelen).
From here the path leads to the beautiful Alpine meadows through the foothills of Eggishorn to the Fiescher Alp Mountains, where the tour ends.
In the Märjelen valley, hiking enthusiasts have the chance to shorten hiking by walking through the long pedestrian tunnel.

Gstaad village

Gstaad village is one of the most prestigious tourist destinations in the world. It is one of the favorite places for the rich and famous of the world of cinema, sports and community celebrities, whose charm, attractiveness and tourism services have contributed to the luxury tourism market.
The German city of Gstaad
The village of Gstaad, in southwestern Switzerland, is located on the border. Its location is one of the best sites for short day trips to tourist areas such as Interlaken, Montreux and Lucerne.
Gstaad has many great events where visitors can choose between 1000 or more different events that are included on the annual calendar of events. Many of these events enjoy an international reputation such as the Sommets Musicaux de Gstaad Festival, the Menuhin Festival or Crédit Agricole Open Tennis in Switzerland the Crédit Agricole Open Tennis.
The Gstaad region is one of the most beautiful places on the surface of the earth in the winter season, with its beautiful nature allowing visitors to practice many winter sports, with 250 km of ski runs in the Bernese Oberland. The city of Gstaad is the best ski area, In all of Switzerland.
During the warmer months, the area attracts tourists with 300 km of walking trails and railways that cross into the mountains. Gstaad is also a beauty and health service provider with many high-end health centers catering to tourists and those who want to be vital.
This great development in the tourism services provided by the region must be matched by hotels that meet the requirements of the world’s most modern tourist, and the city of Gstaad Swiss Swiss Gstaad a wonderful range of hotels, including the Gstaad Palace Hotel is a leading luxury hotel and a landmark of the region where He has seen pictures of more than 100 political, sports and artistic figures who have visited him.
Grand Hotel Park is a fine example of the building of chalets, with its 100-year-old renovation and the Aplina Gstaad Hotel, the newest hotel in the city of Gastaad, a five-star hotel.
The Grand Bellevue Hotel, built in the early 20th century with an elegant Asian flair, also houses the Ermitage Club Hotel in Schönried for fitness and wellness.
Mount Wesfield the Wispile
Is the most famous mountain in the Gastaad region of Switzerland, one of the main destinations in the summer because of the events that are held on it and is one of the most interesting places for children or adults, including places for the manufacture of Swiss famous cheese with a play area where there is a small zoo for animals.
Wiespiel can be reached by cable car from 9 am to 4.30 pm and can be reached on the Gasteig and the legendary lake of Lake Lauenen. The mountain is also a starting point for cyclists and co-pilots.
Tourism in the German city of Gstaad is more than 100 years old and the original Alpine lifestyle is still one of the highlights of Gstaad.
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Interlaken Switzerland Skydiving

Switzerland is number one of country in fun and adventure sports such as the parachute jump in Interlaken Switzerland skydiving. In an Alpine tour back and forth, you can enjoy the high Alpine panorama or a paragliding trip, parachuting in Interlaken where you can admire the landscape fairly closely while parachuting will surely increase your activity.
Jumping parachutes in Interlaken
At Interlaken there is a wide range of unique opportunities for paragliding and spectacular views of lakes and mountains.
As a traveler you do not need previous experience, you will be given a few instructions and then follow the steps later and be lifted up with your pilot.
The scene from the top looks unusual where you can see the unique Jungfrau panorama that will surely make you forget everything else at once!
These are three activities in one, all of which start with an amazing journey of 15 to 20 minutes. When you board the plane and fly high, you will experience wonderful moments in your aerial tour with the view of Interlaken, the Lake Brienz and the Lake Thun, an incredible view of the Swiss Alps, The peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Jung Mountains.
What happened in the parachute jump in Interlaken Swiss Interlaken skydiving
• During the free jump from your place in the plane you will feel a sense of dread for 45 seconds accompanied by a person with a great experience.
• Feel free to jump through adrenaline throughout your body at moments you has never felt before. Speed is down to 200 km / h (120 miles per hour).
• At the moment you open the canopy you will enjoy the stunning view from the top for a period of 4 to 5 minutes and then you may recover your natural state as it was before takeoff.
• Remind you not to forget to take photographs and shoot videos to always remind you of this wonderful adventure free jumping adventure at the top of the Swiss Alps.

Lake Brienz

Sailing on the typical Alpine Lake Brienz is a truly impressive experience, with the turquoise Lake Burns and the lake next to Lake Thun in a charming mountain environment of Bernese Oberland.
The charming Lake Brienz
There was a regular boat service on Lake Burns since 1839 and today there is a fleet of five boats including the superbly restored steamboat called Lötschberg. It was built in 1914.
In the summer there are many special excursions, as well as meals and organized services such as the Indian dinner and fish trip, listening to jazz on the steamboat or the Swiss dinner tour that is particularly popular with foreign visitors who want to try out all the fine Swiss specialties. The loveliest thing is a Latin dance tour, where visitors can dance to the Latin tunes on the steamboat.
The regular boat service connects visitors to all the small places around Lake Brienz from the elegant resort of Interlaken on the west side to the small rural town of Burns in the east, and from Burns, the Swiss steam train and the train line between Prinz and Rothorn will take visitors up towards Rothorn (235 m). From here there is a wonderful panoramic view of the lakes and mountain ranges, and Prinz and Rothhorn are also points of departure for some exciting excursions such as the rise of the summit to the Brunig Corridor.
Another destination for the steamboat trip to Lake Brienz is the Giessbach Falls, a 14-stage tributary of waterfalls that descends about 500 meters down into Lake Prinz. There is also a large historic hotel next to the waterfalls, Castle fairy.
There is also the oldest outstanding railway in Europe up to Giessbach directly and the hotel and the nearby Gisbach Falls. Another popular picnic is the walk along the south bank of Lake Brienz from Bönigen through the Iseltwald to the Giesbach region.

Lake Thun Switzerland

Lake Thun is located on the northern ocean for the Alps between the Bernese Oberland cities of Thun and Interlaken, which is the starting point for many excursions to the Jungfrau and Eastern Bernese Oberland, located at the eastern end of Lake Thun, With a majestic backdrop of the mountains including the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau, which are particularly famous among sailors and windsurfers who marvel at the region’s pervasive breeze.
Lake Thun in Switzerland
Lake Thun has many swimming areas and beach areas inviting visitors to relax while enjoying a wonderful meal as well as sitting to enjoy the glistening sun. You can see the beautiful beach with its romantic villages and historic castles and the Eiger peaks, Mönch and Jungfrau can be seen directly.
The comfortable sedan and steam engine boats – the beautifully restored Blümlisalp pedal – carry passengers from Thun to Interlaken throughout the year, as well as delicious menus on board and various special dining trips. The larger ships it also offers children’s spaces such as a corner with colorful wax toys and pens.

Sailing on the lake is the perfect way to discover the diversity of sights in the area around Lake Thun, Switzerland, and the beautiful road from Beatushöhlen to Sundlauenen, where the boat descends to the impressive Karst caves with its stalagmites, valleys and strong waterfall.
The small town of Spiez, with its castle and Romanesque church on the opposite side of the lake, as well as the other castles and excellent museums of Thun and along its shore, also known as the Riviera of the Bernese Oberland because of its gentle climate such as the Hünegg Castle In Oberland near Hilterfingen.
Other spectacular features along the lake shore include the summer music performances of the Thuner Seespiele (the Lake Thun Festival), and the pyramid peaks around the lake are the Niesen, Stockhorn and the Niederhorn, which offer visitors spectacular views and view of the Lake and Alps.

Matterhorn Mountain

Matterhorn and Switzerland are intertwined as they are inseparable. The best view of Matterhorn is from the top of the Gornergrat, which is 3089 meters high, and the railway runs there all year round.
Watch the Matterhorn Mountain from the top of Gornergrat gornerges

The massive pyramid shape of the mountain is what makes it climb from hard things and is also said to be the most photographed mountain in the world and can be reached by hanging rail.
The first climb to Matterhorn was in 1865, which killed four out of seven alpine climbers, which changed the area of Matterhorn in Switzerland (which had been isolated until then) forever as the Matterhorn region became famous worldwide and many looked forward to From mountain climbers aspiring to climb this famous mountain.
To date, climbing Matterhorn is very difficult and can only be achieved by experienced mountain climbers with excellent equipment and should have an efficient guide.
You can enjoy a wonderful view of the Matterhorn mountain of the Klein-Matterhorn (Matterhorn Paradise), which is just the Matterhorn and the Theodul Pass and Glacier.
Visitors can ride on the cable car in Zermatt, where the cable car station on the mountain is 3,820 meters above sea level, the highest station in the Alps.
The viewing platform on the Gornergrat Mountain

Every 24 minutes, an open train in Europe departs from Zermatt towards the Jörnbergat observation platform, which is accessible throughout the year at an altitude of 3,089 meters.
The Gornergrat platform is surrounded by at least 29 giant gullies with altitudes of up to 4,000 meters, such as the Matterhorn mountain, the Dufourspitze mountain, and the third longest glacier in the Alps. The Jörnbergt is rewarded with a sweeping and enchanting view.
The train starts with the signpost at Furi and continues on its way to the right of the Jornera suspension bridge in the direction of the Blatten Platinum and then back to Schweimaten through the Glacier Park.
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Montreux Lake's Corniche

Montreux Lake’s Corniche is featured by a lakeside view, a view of the towering mountains on the back of the lake, and many different views which is very beautiful. The Corniche is full of vendors and hikers who stand on the Corniche Montreux Lake every weekend to sell their products such as agricultural products and honey which are brought from many of the neighboring villages.

Montreux is located within the nature reserve of Lake Geneva (lake leman), surrounded by vineyards, with enchanting views of the Swiss Alps with snow-capped peaks.

A major music festival is held every year in Montreux in June and July, called the Montreux Jazz Festival. The festival is characterized by huge and wonderful concerts, which take place in a wide range of famous parks and theaters.

A comedy festival is held every December in the city, which attracts a lot of comic stars from the whole world. You will forget your worries and difficulties during your tour of Corniche Montreux Lake, when you breathe the air and see Cypress trees and palm trees swaying on both sides of the road in a magnificent landscape.

Lake Leyman (Lake Geneva) is a great place to swim and go for unforgettable water tours.
Along the Montreux Lake Corniche, sounds from pianos, bars, discos and jazz are mixed. There is also the region’s oldest casinos, the Casino Barrière de Montreux, with many fine restaurants and hotels.
Walking along the lake is a pleasure in itself. The green spaces of beautiful art forms are spread out, and stalls and street vendors are spreading, adding to the atmosphere a lively atmosphere and a privileged view of the Alps from this place.
Lake Lourdes Corniche (Montreux Lake) is one of Montreux’s most beautiful attractions.
Attractions around Corniche Lake Geneva
• Vevey Old Town
In addition to being one of the Swiss Riviera pearls, with its fantastic location on the shores of Lake Leyman and enjoying a magnificent view of the Alps, the ancient town of Vive is one of the beautiful shopping areas near Montreux. The old town is dotted with flower shops, Sell souvenirs, shoes, clothes and accessories.
Migros is a small two-storey mall located on the Lake Geneva. The mall has a number of shops specializing in the sale of food commodities of all kinds. It also includes a number of clothing stores with some cafés and restaurants.
• Chrome terraces of Lavo vineyards and Montreux Lavaux vineyards
Whether you ride a bicycle or prefer to walk on your feet, when you go to the Lavaux or the vineyards of the Lavaux vineyards, you will discover more than 850 hectares of mountain terraces planted with grapes, all of which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
There is also a 32 km mountain pass from Chillon Castle to Lausanne. In this way you will find plenty of paintings that provide you with detailed information on how to grow grapes.
You can also enjoy the taste of locally produced wines in the wine cellars of the region.

Mount Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm is part of the Alps in Switzerland and is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Interlaken, attracting large numbers of tourists every year to enjoy the stunning views
Mount Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm Interlaken is one of the mountains of the Alps and part of the summit. The mountain is 1322 meters high and you can get the best view of the lakes from the top. You can enjoy the views of Interlaken and its lakes and watch the snow peaks.
You can hike by funicular or climb on foot until reaching the top at 1300m. There is a restaurant, cafe and some simple children’s toys.
At the top there is a famous restaurant and coffee shop as well as a hanging platform where you can see both the Thun and Brienz lakes as well as the city of Interlaken located between them and the surrounding mountains.
For more than 100 years, the funicular railway has continued to pass 735 meters from the height towards the summit of Harder Colm Interlaken, located at 1322 meters high.
The journey starts at close distance from the Interlaken Ost station and runs through the forest and crosses the wildlife park.
As visitors walk 5 minutes from the mountain station to a beautiful restaurant with its red brick roof, next to the restaurant, guests can visit the two lakeside bridge and the glass-floored viewing platform.
From here you can see deep views and views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau as well as the Prinz and Thun lakes.
What you can do at Mount Harder Colm Interlaken
• Ride the mountain train that takes you to the top of Harder Colm Mountain, an exciting experience that can take 15 minutes and is one of the most important attractions of this place.
• Stand on the wooden platform and enjoy the panoramic views of Thun Lake, Brienz Lake and the surrounding mountains.
• There is nothing more wonderful than having a meal with the charming view of the top restaurant.
• Snowboarding enthusiasts if your visit to the mountain in the winter you will find that the place has become an ideal ski area where you can find the necessary equipment for skiing and all the supplies from the centers there.
• There is a special space for children to play near the restaurant. Your children can have a lot of fun there while you enjoy the amazing view.

Skating in Switzerland in the Alps

The first ski tour, the first ski lesson and the first ice skating rides, the first ski championships, are all events on Switzerland’s snow-capped peaks of more than 13,000 feet.
In Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “Cross Country Snow,” some Americans take a break from wine on their last day in the Alps. “There’s nothing that can really touch skiing, is there?” Adds the other, I wish we were Swiss. ”
Skating in Switzerland Skiing in the Alps
Skating in Switzerland is located in several different areas. It is easy to reach the Vaud and Valais resorts in the south-west, Villars, Crans Montana, Leukerbad, Nendaz, Saas-Fee, Verbier, In Zermatt, and throughout the Rhone Valley from Lake Geneva towards central Switzerland.
In the northern Bernese Oberland, the Jungfrau areas are located in Grindelwald, the vast mountainous mass that divides the north of the country from the south, Wengen, Mürren and many other well-known resorts such as Adelboden and Meiringen in Haslital.
In the east, Graubünden is the largest holiday destination in Switzerland.
Skiing in the Alps across Switzerland is characterized by vertical perpendicularity from top to bottom and is often accessed by large cabins, making it a completely different ski experience.
Skiing activities in Switzerland skiing in switzerland
You will find people riding skis and skates across the country, and Graubünden in the south-east has a special charm as a place for cross-skating events around St. Moritz..
As well as south-east of Lake Geneva, the French-speaking Verbier and Equestrian Equestrian are home to some of the boldest roads.
It is best for non-professionals to visit Zermatt Zermatt where you can ski 150 miles from the slopes down Matterhorn Matterhorn and down to Italy.

Stanserhorn Mountain

You can go to the top of Stanserhorn Mountain via the Cabrio cable car, which opened in 2012.

A trip to the top of Stanserhorn Mountain
Since 1893, the open wooden carriages continued to travel quietly towards the Stanserhorn Mountain of Stans. Today, the cable car journey takes about six minutes to a distance of 2.3 kilometers, at eight meters per second. The cable car moves up from 711 meters at the beginning to the final station which is 1,900 meters above sea level.
During this short journey, passengers can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Alps and their surrounding landscapes. On this short and stunning journey you will enjoy the sensation of fresh air touching your face and the perfect view from the top.

From the middle station, the Cabrio cable car with its open-roofed mooring is one of the main attractions of the Stanserhorn Mountain summit from Staats. Nothing can compare to the amazing feeling of standing there on the roof of the panoramic cabin in the double-decker cabrio cabriolet, Between the staunch supporters, and enjoy the wind facing you and the magnificent view without any cables extending over the head.
While the visitors meet in their distinctive promenade at the top of the Stanserhorn Mountain with forest guards who are always happy to help with the identification of flowers and mountains. Around halfway you can see the Marmot animals as well as the revolving restaurant at the top of the Rondorama, It circulates around its axis, and you can also see what remains of the first electric train in Switzerland, which was destroyed in a major fire in Switzerland in 1970.
The idea of a double-decker cable car is a traditional basement and the upper floor is open. The aim of the cable car makers is to create a bridge between the two. Access to the top of Stanserhorn Mountain at the height of 1900 meters, the project was completed jointly by several Swiss engineering companies.

The Reichenbach Falls

The Reichenbach Falls, a series of waterfalls in the Meiringen region, is 250 meters high and is one of the most famous landmarks in Meringen.

Reichenbach falls in Switzerland
What is unique about these waterfalls is that they caused a hole (the arch of nature) which made the waterfalls rush in their flow and gave it a wonderful view as it falls from top to bottom, you will enjoy seeing the beauty of these waterfalls Reichenbach Falls which is mixed with greenery and the gray color of the mountains around it Making a natural palette that makes you enjoy watching it tirelessly.
Roaming around these waterfalls is done by means of two means, the first through the gated corridors or the so-called railway, which was opened in 1899 and the second by the cable car ride, both of which provide a good and safe vision for visitors.
Today the Reichenbach Falls serves Reichenbach Falls, a sloping mountain train that delivers tourists directly down the waterfalls for only ten Swiss francs.
There is also a special platform where you can see a hundred and twenty meters of falling water surrounded by rocks a clear vision, and tourists who want to enjoy more, to start at the beginning of the waterfall walking, where the journey takes only 20 minutes, but it is open to tourists The tracks and places are stunning and picturesque, such as the wells washed by the strong current in the great rocks.
The popularity of the Reichenbach Falls has flourished as a tourist destination from all over the world following the death of Sherlock Holmes because the Reichenbach Falls are associated with the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of the Sherlock Holmes story) Meiringen area.
He then chose the Reichenbach Falls site to make Sherlock Holmes face his arch-enemy Moriarty at the Waterfalls site, leading both to the waterfalls and their death in the end, but because of the public’s love for Sherlock Holmes’s fictional character and under intense pressure the end of the story was changed with a reasonable escape.

The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is located in northern Switzerland, the largest and most powerful in Switzerland, but in Europe. It is 150 meters wide and 25 meters high and pumps 250,000 cubic meters of water a second. It lies between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich in the north-east of Switzerland, And you can see these waterfalls from more than a nook, on each side you see a different view of the other, and you can ride the boats to enjoy the rush of water and landscape charming.
Rhine Falls
The formation of the Rhine Falls dates back to the Ice Age. Tectonic glaciers in the Ice Age caused the Rhine to be held in a new course 10,000 years ago. The Rhine Falls were formed in a transitional phase, in which the harsh casserole was transformed into fine gravel Where several hundred cubic meters of water run deep into depths of 150 meters at 23 meters per second.
In the center of everything is a great rock. It stands still as it has resisted the elements of nature for a thousand years and can be reached in a comprehensive tour of the Rhine Falls, allowing one to observe the landscape closely as visitors practically stand in the middle of the waterfall on sheets, Part of them over the Rhine, and there are castles such as the Wörth Castle and the castle of Laufen Castle, which can be reached by river boats and if there are those who dare to visit, they can rent canoe canoes.
The Schloss Laufen Complex has been added to the Schloss Laufen Complex since 2010 with the opening of a children’s playground and the Hastorama, an interactive exhibition of Rhine Falls, as well as the new visitor center, as well as a new double-track adventure with a track Belvedere to see the magnificent views where one can easily overlook the magnificent Rhine Falls.
Interesting activities in the city of Zurich and the Rhine Falls
It is worth mentioning that the Rhine Falls area of tourist attractions that attract many tourists and the beauty of nature, and certainly the presence of tourists in this area require them to travel to the capital (Zurich), and here we will address the most important recreational activities you can do in each of them:
• sightseeing of Zurich
• Watch waterfalls from the top of the rocky cliff
• Swimming and boating
• Go to the Schloss Leuven Complex
• Go to the Adventure Park (Europa Park).

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