At Interlaken there is a wide range of unique opportunities for paragliding and spectacular views of lakes and mountains.

As a traveler you do not need previous experience, you will be given a few instructions and then follow the steps later and be lifted up with your pilot.

The scene from the top looks unusual where you can see the unique Jungfrau panorama that will surely make you forget everything else at once!

These are three activities in one, all of which start with an amazing journey of 15 to 20 minutes. When you board the plane and fly high, you will experience wonderful moments in your aerial tour with the view of Interlaken, the Lake Brienz and the Lake Thun, an incredible view of the Swiss Alps, The peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau Jung Mountains.

Ascona Switzerland

Ascona Switzerland
Ascona Switzerland is one of the municipalities in Canton Ticino, Switzerland, located 196 meters above sea level on the northern shore of Lago Maggiore, which is called Lake Langen. Ascona is famous for its mild weather, its ancient city and its lakeside promenade filled with cafés In the streets.
Ascona Switzerland
The church of San Pietro e Paolo Church, located in the center of the ancient city of Ascona, is well worth visiting. The history of the rectangular church dates back to the sixteenth century and its high bell tower is one of the places to go during the holidays in Ascona, The complex of the old city leads to a car-free area in the lagoon park with its charming street cafes.

Mount Monte Verità, called the Mountain of Truth, is located above the city of Ascona Switzerland. It founded a colony there at the beginning of the 20th century and attracted many celebrities from all over the world.

Today, Monte Verità is the place where Lucerne and Zurich Universities hold seminars and discussions. The museum also presents cases from the history of the colony and its founders.

Ascona Resort, very close to Locarno, is known for its beautiful 18-hole golf course, its tennis courts, its stylish boutiques for shopping trips, a large outdoor swimming pool, plenty of excellent restaurants and beautiful places for hiking and picnics on the garden grounds Surfing, sailing and other water sports.

There are plenty of opportunities for excursions, hiking, and biking in a beautiful landscape of the side valleys of Tessin like Maggiatal and Centovalli.

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is located in the Swiss city of Montreux on a rock on the shores of Lake Geneva. The water castle of Cheon (Chillon) is the most visited historical building in Switzerland. For nearly four centuries, Savoy Counts of Savoy.
Castle Chillon in Switzerland in the city of Montreux
The rocky island on which the Chillon castle was built between Lake Geneva and the huge, steep mountains inhabited by humans until prehistoric times was regulated by the passage of ships on Lake Geneva and the important road to St. Bernard. Bernhard of this island lasted for hundreds of years.
The castle of Chillon in Switzerland was attributed to the Counts of Savoy from the 12th to the 16th century, when the inhabitants of Bern Bern conquered the Chillon Aqueduct, and were then overrun by the inhabitants of Vaud.
The Chillon Castle can be rented in the Swiss city of Montreux for various occasions, from which the castle can reach Montreux (by boat, by bus or on foot). Ten miles of bays can be enjoyed in parks with Lines of flowers, exotic plants and palm trees.
More than 350,000 guests visit Chillon Castle in Switzerland every year, looking at 14th-century frescoes, underground vaults, showrooms and a bedroom dating from the Berne period of the castle (preserved in its original form). The entire complex consists of 25 buildings and three courtyards, surrounded by two walls of round walls.
The famous Château de Chillon is one of the most famous medieval castles in Switzerland, surrounded by water and accessible through the old reconstructed bridge. This castle includes 1000 years of Savoyard history and chronicles the transformations of power between France Switzerland.
The Chillon Castle contains everything medieval castles must have: round towers, fortified towers, a complex network of corridors, large banquet halls and magnificent fences.
The Chillon Castle in Switzerland is an essential part of any trip around Lake Geneva. It is often included in tours to Lausanne and Montreux from Geneva. In winter, the snow-capped Swiss Alps offer a stunning backdrop on the Lake Geneva road to Lausanne, Montreux and Chillon.

Gotthard Panorama Express

The Glacier Express, Bernina Express and the Gotthard Panorama Express are the most fun and exciting way to explore Switzerland, where trains are ready to take passengers and tourists to their destination comfortably on time. Swiss trains work like clockwork on all roads and always at the same time.

Great panoramic tour with Gotthard Panorama Express, Bernina Express and Glacier Express

1 – Gotthard Panorama Express

A wonderful experience of vibrant history where the journey from Ticino, Ticino extends along the Gotthard road in the historic panoramic train to Lucerne. Let’s prepare for a trip to Switzerland!
The journey begins from Lugano or Bellinzona through the heart of Switzerland – the Gotthard tunnel, built in 1882 – across the Alps to the north. On the way, the Wassen Church can be seen from three different angles; Bold of the railway.

Travelers will enjoy special offers on the history and legends surrounding Gauthard during this time trip, and will not neglect the culinary aspect; guests can pamper themselves by enjoying light meals and refreshments on the train.

2. Bernina Express train

It is a majestic bridge built of a rough stone, formed in the open mountain by the high alpine fir trees. The little red train Bernina Express moves along this path, with Bernina Express moving from Graubünden to Valtellina.
The train shows the most beautiful and magnificent link between the cold north and the warm south. This view was shared by UNESCO in 2008, when Bernina Express named Thusis and Tirano as a world heritage site. This is the world’s third largest train route.

The Bernina Express passes through 55 tunnels, crosses 196 bridges and crosses miles without serrated wheels. The train takes passengers from Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, to the wonderful mountainous mountainous world above the fog line, passing through the Morteratsch iceberg and then heading towards Just south to the charming and stunning environment in Valtellina.
3 – Glacier Express train
The Glaser Pass Express from Matterhorn to the top of the Engadine or the reverse direction in seven and a half hours, and of course there are other ways faster but none of these means compared to the beauty of the flight on Glacier Express, the panoramic train that travels directly across the Alps.

We go up to 2033 m above Oberland, down to the Rhine Canyon, across 91 tunnels and over 291 bridges, from Zermatt on the bottom of Matterhorn, to the world-famous St. Moritz spa. The first Glacier Express train in Zermatt began in 1930, with Zermatt being one of the top five tourist destinations in Switzerland.
The day trip by Glacier Express offers you everything but to be boring as the panoramic carriages on the train offer endless views of the trails in the Alps, mountain lakes, sloping coves, and primitive forests. You will enjoy the view of the deep valleys formed by water and showing rock formations Strange and stunning you will pass gently the sloping plains and mountain villages

Lake Brienz

Sailing on the typical Alpine Lake Brienz is a truly impressive experience, with the turquoise Lake Burns and the lake next to Lake Thun in a charming mountain environment of Bernese Oberland.
The charming Lake Brienz
There was a regular boat service on Lake Burns since 1839 and today there is a fleet of five boats including the superbly restored steamboat called Lötschberg. It was built in 1914.
In the summer there are many special excursions, as well as meals and organized services such as the Indian dinner and fish trip, listening to jazz on the steamboat or the Swiss dinner tour that is particularly popular with foreign visitors who want to try out all the fine Swiss specialties. The loveliest thing is a Latin dance tour, where visitors can dance to the Latin tunes on the steamboat.
The regular boat service connects visitors to all the small places around Lake Brienz from the elegant resort of Interlaken on the west side to the small rural town of Burns in the east, and from Burns, the Swiss steam train and the train line between Prinz and Rothorn will take visitors up towards Rothorn (235 m). From here there is a wonderful panoramic view of the lakes and mountain ranges, and Prinz and Rothhorn are also points of departure for some exciting excursions such as the rise of the summit to the Brunig Corridor.
Another destination for the steamboat trip to Lake Brienz is the Giessbach Falls, a 14-stage tributary of waterfalls that descends about 500 meters down into Lake Prinz. There is also a large historic hotel next to the waterfalls, Castle fairy.
There is also the oldest outstanding railway in Europe up to Giessbach directly and the hotel and the nearby Gisbach Falls. Another popular picnic is the walk along the south bank of Lake Brienz from Bönigen through the Iseltwald to the Giesbach region.

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The Aletsch Glacier Switzerland

The Aletsch Glacier Switzerland is the longest and most breathtaking place in which to capture the glaciers of the Alps in 23 kilometers. The easiest way to reach is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These glaciers were found in the southwestern part of the Switzerland is located in the Aletsch Arena, where you can see that the air is very clean and the sound of ice crashing under the foot of your feet as you move and the sunshine that lasts from early morning until the end of the day.

The Aletsch Glacier Switzerland
The Fiescheralp terraces, the Bettmeralp and the Riederalp can be seen between the valley and the sky. There are six cabins to transport guests from the Rhone Valley to resort villages and go to the Aletsch Region picnic paradise at an altitude of about 2000 meters. They can travel from there to the most beautiful places, including the Eggishorn at 2,927 meters, which features panoramic views of the glaciers of Elich and Fischer.

In the summer you can spend holidays in Alic in a breathtaking area of hiking. This mountain environment includes Villa Cassel, the information center for the Nature Conservancy known as Pro Natura. Nature lovers can get different information about these The wonderful natural area as well as the available offers on courses and excursions.
In the winter there is the extensive ski area of Alic (in both Riederalp, Bettmeralp and Fiescheralp) and you can go there by mountain train and ski lift to the 104km and 2900m.

Top attractions in the Aletsch Glacier Switzerland
• Aletsch Forest, with the oldest trees in Switzerland (900 years old) at 2000 meters high and one of the highest pine forests in Europe.
• Massa Gorge: Tourists and visitors who are boldhearted can ride down the ropes into the stunning deep canyon, where they will be escorted by experienced gibley guides at all times.
• Ice World Bettmerhorn Ice World and Ice Glacier in Elich In the footsteps of Ice Age explorers, visitors go there to explore the largest glaciers in the Alps.
• The Villa Cassel Nature Conservancy, including the information center and luxury guest house, is located on the edge of Riederfurka Ridge amidst stunning mountain scenery.
• The Eggishorn summit, where visitors will be able to enjoy the summit at 2,927 meters with magnificent views along the Alic Glacier and the smaller Fischer glacier.
• Alpine Museum Riederalp where you will be able to visit the historic Nagulschbalmu hut dating back to 1606, showing the life of mountain farmers from the last centuries.
• as well as the neighboring town of Brig, where the Stockalper Palace is located.
Discover the best tourist programs in Switzerland, which include visiting the Aalic Glacier at the best price

The Reichenbach Falls

The Reichenbach Falls, a series of waterfalls in the Meiringen region, is 250 meters high and is one of the most famous landmarks in Meringen.

Reichenbach falls in Switzerland
What is unique about these waterfalls is that they caused a hole (the arch of nature) which made the waterfalls rush in their flow and gave it a wonderful view as it falls from top to bottom, you will enjoy seeing the beauty of these waterfalls Reichenbach Falls which is mixed with greenery and the gray color of the mountains around it Making a natural palette that makes you enjoy watching it tirelessly.
Roaming around these waterfalls is done by means of two means, the first through the gated corridors or the so-called railway, which was opened in 1899 and the second by the cable car ride, both of which provide a good and safe vision for visitors.
Today the Reichenbach Falls serves Reichenbach Falls, a sloping mountain train that delivers tourists directly down the waterfalls for only ten Swiss francs.
There is also a special platform where you can see a hundred and twenty meters of falling water surrounded by rocks a clear vision, and tourists who want to enjoy more, to start at the beginning of the waterfall walking, where the journey takes only 20 minutes, but it is open to tourists The tracks and places are stunning and picturesque, such as the wells washed by the strong current in the great rocks.
The popularity of the Reichenbach Falls has flourished as a tourist destination from all over the world following the death of Sherlock Holmes because the Reichenbach Falls are associated with the fictional character Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of the Sherlock Holmes story) Meiringen area.
He then chose the Reichenbach Falls site to make Sherlock Holmes face his arch-enemy Moriarty at the Waterfalls site, leading both to the waterfalls and their death in the end, but because of the public’s love for Sherlock Holmes’s fictional character and under intense pressure the end of the story was changed with a reasonable escape.

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The Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is located in northern Switzerland, the largest and most powerful in Switzerland, but in Europe. It is 150 meters wide and 25 meters high and pumps 250,000 cubic meters of water a second. It lies between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich in the north-east of Switzerland, And you can see these waterfalls from more than a nook, on each side you see a different view of the other, and you can ride the boats to enjoy the rush of water and landscape charming.
Rhine Falls
The formation of the Rhine Falls dates back to the Ice Age. Tectonic glaciers in the Ice Age caused the Rhine to be held in a new course 10,000 years ago. The Rhine Falls were formed in a transitional phase, in which the harsh casserole was transformed into fine gravel Where several hundred cubic meters of water run deep into depths of 150 meters at 23 meters per second.
In the center of everything is a great rock. It stands still as it has resisted the elements of nature for a thousand years and can be reached in a comprehensive tour of the Rhine Falls, allowing one to observe the landscape closely as visitors practically stand in the middle of the waterfall on sheets, Part of them over the Rhine, and there are castles such as the Wörth Castle and the castle of Laufen Castle, which can be reached by river boats and if there are those who dare to visit, they can rent canoe canoes.
The Schloss Laufen Complex has been added to the Schloss Laufen Complex since 2010 with the opening of a children’s playground and the Hastorama, an interactive exhibition of Rhine Falls, as well as the new visitor center, as well as a new double-track adventure with a track Belvedere to see the magnificent views where one can easily overlook the magnificent Rhine Falls.
Interesting activities in the city of Zurich and the Rhine Falls
It is worth mentioning that the Rhine Falls area of tourist attractions that attract many tourists and the beauty of nature, and certainly the presence of tourists in this area require them to travel to the capital (Zurich), and here we will address the most important recreational activities you can do in each of them:
• sightseeing of Zurich
• Watch waterfalls from the top of the rocky cliff
• Swimming and boating
• Go to the Schloss Leuven Complex
• Go to the Adventure Park (Europa Park).

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