Forest and Lake of Sauvabelin

Forest and Lake of Sauvabelin in Lausanne Switzerland is an artificial lake that was built in 1888 and has a wooden berth that was built in 2003 to a length of approximately 35 meters, which is distinguished by the beautiful view it offers.

Sauvabelin Forest and Lake of Sauvabelin

Sauvabelin Forest

It is an ideal place for hiking tours and picnics as you will be surrounded by antelopes, deer, goats, peacocks and birds.

The Sauvabelin Forest is above all a forest overlooking Lausanne.

 A closer look will reveal that there is also a small romantic lake as well as many goats, ducks, geese and black swans as well.

 You can also take your children for a boat ride around the lake.

The only sounds that will break the silence of the region are peacock calls.

If children stay active until the end of the day, you can visit one of the children’s playgrounds in the area.

Lake Sauvabelin

Lake of Sauvabelin is a man-made lake in the Sauvabelin region of Lausanne. It was opened in 1888 and is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Switzerland.

It features a 35-meter wooden tower offering panoramic views of Lausanne, Lake Leman and surrounding areas as well as a pet park.

Best activities at Lake Sauvabelin in Lausanne

• Enjoy lake-sitting with the family, snack and ducks, swim in the lake and stroll around the lake and explore the place.

• You can ride the boats and tour the lake with your friends, where there are many boats to rent in the place at reasonable prices.

• Sit in the restaurant on the bank of Lac de Sauvabelin and have a special meal with stunning views of the lake.

• Do not miss the experience of the Sauvabelin Tower, which is close to the lake, offering enchanting views of the lake and the surrounding nature, and you can take some souvenir photos from above.

You can visit the zoo at Lake Sauvapiline in Lausanne, a small zoo with many animals where your children will enjoy watching and feeding.

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